To ensure the safety and play auto high-speed capability, automobile must ensure that can promptly in the most short distances deceleration and parking, and also can be

The twentieth century is human history energy consumption of a maximum number of century, the development of the industrialization of the energy supply put forward the


金山词霸2007专业版|Powerword2007 Professional 中日英多语言网际大词海 可以进行网页在线翻译的.别说是日文,英文,连西班牙语、埃塞俄比亚文都可以翻译.

Mid-Autumn Festival night. Should be a time of family reunion. The two old people without children accompanied. Forget the children who miss the moon. To dinner at my

The help of the teacher and students, he has overcome many difficulties in the process of learning English, I hope you can grasp as a friend you can rely on No wonder he did

On the road in the center In post offices and libraries turn right In the vicinity. in the left go straight In the opposite between and in frond of 对不起,请问附近有酒店吗? 是的,有.直走和转向左的旁边的一家超市. 非常感谢. 不用谢.

Do you remember me? I met you on the train when you went to Harbin last time. First, It is first time for me to send mail in English, so, if there are some grammatical errors in

亲爱的祖母,日子怎么样啊?希望祖父身体已经康复了.听说上礼拜他感冒了,我很担心.希望你身体还好.我这儿还不错.我上礼拜考完了年终考试,今天拿到了成绩单.我每次在信箱里看到学校寄来的信封都会很紧张,不过还好这次考得不错.我这学期科学学得不太好.不出意料,我最差的成绩评估就是我科学老师写的.她说我懒,但是我其实不懒,我只是觉得科学很难.另一门令我失望的科目是历史.我历史老师说我成绩有待加强.好消息时我数学老师说我很用功.还有我西班牙文老师说我听力不错.现在就写到这里了.爸爸妈妈问候你们.Alan (love基本上是个结束语和中文里'XX 上'差不多) order to understand students better, teachers go to our dorm everyday. 2.i was a dancer before, i usually dance on the playground, and i like dance myself. 3.refer to my | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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