Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the one's who don't.

1.we have pleasure in advising you that we have received from the above bank the captioned credit,in full details,contents of which are as per the attached . 我们乐意告知您,

i want you for worse or for better 我希望你变得更坏或更好

didn't quite understand how they got the books back so quickly until I picked up a book Grandma had left one day. 直到我某一天拾到一本奶奶的书,我才明白他们当年怎么会那么快就把书要回来了.

It is true that friends come and go.But never forget the ones who have been there for you.Maybe it will be the most precious treasure you discover in your entire life.的确,人生道路上,陪伴你的朋友总是来了走,走了又来,但是不要忘记曾经拥有过的朋友,你会发觉,他们将是你一生中最宝贵的财富.

1:我不爱因为你是的你, 但是谁我,到那时我站在你旁边2:没度过时间没关心度过它你的人. 3:那里将总在人们伤害你将谁,因此你需要继续相信,请小心4:没奋斗

1. have snowed for a whole day ,it didn't stop until the night came. 2. people here occupy 40 percent of the total number of people . 3. he tries to do their own thing. 4. if you are free, i want to talk with you. 5. my parents and me both attend the concert. 终于译完了,你再检查下吧.

First, cut the pork in to thick slices. Then make several small cuts on the slices and apply some chocolate syrup on it using a brush. Then cook the pork sirloin in the oven and

满载乘客的公共汽车进行交通所用的燃料量与单人驾驶私人轿车相比效率更高.句子主体是:amount is more effective.后面的compared结构作状语

Are we at war tonight 今晚我们还要冷站吗? Will there be angels whispering to me goodnight 你会在我耳边对我说晚安吗 ? Don't wake when the lightning strikes 如果那样 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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