educational [英] [edukenl][美] [dkenl] adj.教育(方面)的; 为教育的; 有教育意义的; 提供咨询的; [网络] 教育性;教育的,有教育意义的;教育广播; [例句] pupils with special educational needs 需要特殊教育的学生

1.累人的;令人疲倦的 A long walk is very tiring.长时间的走路是很累的.2.教育(方 Poor health and lack of money may both be barriers to educational progress.身体不好

wehaveanewclassroow 意思:我们有间新教室

1、Only an expert should pronounce on the case. 只有专家才能对这件事发表意见.2、He has every right to pronounce on this matter. 他完全有权利对这件事发表意见.3、

individuals 造句:Unemployment is so damaging both to individuals and to communities. 失业对个人和社会都有极大的负面影响.We were a team of individuals as paradoxical as that sounds. 我们是一个保持了个体的团队尽管这听起来自相矛盾.

1. He distinguished himself by his courage. 他因英勇而扬名. 2. The twins were so much alike that it was impossible to distinguish one from the other. 这对孪生子像得使人无法分辨. 3. She distinguished herself by her coolness and bravery. 她因头脑冷静、敢作敢为而为人称道. 4. Speeches distinguish human beings from animals. 人类和动物的区别在于人会说话.

Meanwhile, if the problem cannot be solved quickly, I would like you to allow me to move to another room.同时,如果此问题不能得以迅速解决,我希望您能允许我搬入另外一个房间.

1.These local people focus on developing the education.(这些本地人重在发展教育.) 2.The educational exchange between two schools has a magnificant effect on both

if you practise more ,you will do it better .如果你多练习下,你会做的更好.

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