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用full off造句

When you are learning to ride a bicycle,you often fall off. / 在你学骑自行车时,你常常会从车上摔下来.

You'd better not watch TV everyday.你最好不要每天都看电视 You'd better not eat any ice-cream.你最好不要吃冰淇淋 You'd better not play in the water 你最好不要在水里玩

l'm full of confidence for myself.我对自己充满信心

fall off 从---摔下I fell off my bike but I didn't hurt badly我从自行车上摔下来但没伤地厉害.

show off 英[u f] 美[o f] [词典] 使突出; 炫耀,卖弄; [例句]All right, there's no need to show off 好了,没必要炫耀.Naomi was showing off her engagement ring

It also ensures that the paint won't fall off 我的造句,希望帮到你哦

Present continuous现在进行式I am creeping offyou are creeping offhe/she/it is have crept off Future未来式I will creep offyou will creep offhe/she/it will creep offwe will creep

i break off the bowl 我打碎了碗

be full of 意为装满,填满,主语可以是人,也可以是物,造句有:1、The classroom is full of students.教室里满是学生.2、The club seemed to be full of eccentrics.这个俱乐

1.The pool is full of water.池子里充满了水. 2.The sea is full of blue.大海充满了蓝色. 3.The yard was full of all kinds of flowers.整个院子被各色的花朵充满. 希望对你有所帮助 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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