在周末 at the weekends on weekends

在周末 英文可以是,at the weekend 例句 可供选择的电视节目,尤其是在周末的时候,还有大幅提升的空间.The selection of TV programmes, especially at the weekend, leaves a lot to be desired

在周末【1. at the weekend】 five minutes after two 2点过5分at a quarter to two 1点45分at the weekend 在周末 - 相关搜索 【2. at/on the weekend】 85aton

this weekend

on weekends

I had a very interesting weekend.I had a very exciting journey this weekend.I had a really dilicious dinner with my family.It was so much fun to playing with my friends this Saturday!We had a great time together this weekend.

during the workdayson the weekends

你好!周末on the weekend 工作日during the working days 如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

on the weekend是美式英语at the weekend是英式英语如果weekend(单数),前面要加the.不用the,周末要复数weekends:on the weekend 或 on weekendsat/on weekend = 语法错误what do you do on weekends (周末一般做什么?--比较笼统)what are you doing on the weekend (专指这个周末)

在周末早上用on解析:介词in和on年/月前用 in 年+月+日前用 on 特指某天早晨/上午/下午用 on所以在周末早上应该用 on即 on sunday morning. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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