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all kinds of造句简单

There are all kinds of school things in the store.

i have all kinds of books 我有各种各样的书

the train was made of all kinds of waste

I can borrow all kinds of books from the library. 应该是all kinds of 好挖? 解释为:各种各样的

The fields are full of cropsall of all kinds


all kinds of activities 造句:1、We have all kinds of activities after class. 课后我们有各种各样的活动 2、"But as children, they should not bear such a stress. I suppose

She has various books. 她有各种各样的书. She has all kinds of books. 她什么书都有.没什么大区别,all kinds of 语气稍微强一点

The sky has all kind of clouds.天空中有各种各样的云.

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