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as usual

as usually 通常1.As usually, we talked after taking bath.通常,浴后,我们会聊天.2.In the afternoon of a sunny day, the man left again as usually with happy.在一个阳光明媚

as usual 像往常一样,照例 As usual, there weren't many people at the meeting.像往常一样,来开会的人不多.Needless to say, he came late as usual.不用说他照例来得很晚.

像平常一样.如常.she goes to the gym as usual.

as usual 英[z ju:ul] 美[z juul] [释义] 像往常一样; 照旧; 如故; 仍然; [网络] 象往常一样; 通常; 通常,平常地; [例句]I unrolled my sleeping bag as usual.我像往常一样铺开我的睡袋.

as usual 里的as是介词.介词表示的是后面的名词或代词或短语与其他句子成分的关系,用来表明场所,地点,时间,方式等.as usual像往常一样.as有像,如同的意思.用来表明方式:同往常一样.希望能够理解.

不一样 usually表示通常的,as usual表示和平常一样

这里的as usual 作状语,意为:像往常一样.整句话的意思是:我们像往常一样迟到了.

一如既往 yīrú-jìwǎng [just as in the past;或continue as always] 与从前完全一样

business as usual 照常营业 一切照旧;照常发展情景;一切照常 例句筛选1.Only a week after the fire in store it was business as usual.火灾过后只有一星期,那商店又如往常一样做生意了.2.Its not any sort of cloak and dagger scenario its just business as usual.它不是任何一种掩盖,只是照常的企业程序.

往常 [wǎng cháng] 基本翻译 habitually in the past as one used to do formerly as it used to be 网络释义 如往常:business as usual 一如往常:business as usual as usual 基本翻译 像往常一样,照例 网络释义 as usual:像平常一样,照例|通常,平常地|与往常一样 services as usual:照常营业 the same as usual:一如既往!|和平时一样 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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