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at the foot of怎么读

英 [t fut v] 美 [t i ft v] 翻译:在…的底部 例句:① They reside in a cottage at the foot of the mountain. 他们住在山脚下的一所小屋里.② I stood at the foot of

at the foot of 英[t fut v] 美[t i ft v] 在…的底部

脚的英语是:foot 读音:英 [ft] 美 [ft] n. 脚;英尺;最底部;音步 v. 表演舞步; 在踢足球时,我的脚受伤了.3、They camped at the foot of the mountain.他们在山脚下


at the foot of 在……脚下 at the foot of在脚下

B这是完全倒装句.倒装句分为完全倒装和部分倒装 上边的句子是完全倒装.部分倒装一般当否定词放在句首时用到.(nor did he)是最简单的部分倒装.还有"not only ,but also","so that" "only"等词组放在句首用部分倒装.举个例子:only he told me did I konw what had happened.Not only did I know his name,but also I know where he come from.

你好!at the foot of the mountain在山脚下


at the mouth of在口中例句:1、I saw a lighthouse situated at the mouth of the river. 我看到了位于河口的灯塔.2、It covers 10,000 square kilometers of land at the mouth of

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