it is boring to make sentences.

boring ['b:ri] n.钻[镗, 镟, 扩, 穿]孔; 镗削加工, 钻探; 打眼, 钻凿 [pl. ]钻粉, 镗屑, 金属切屑 地质钻孔试验 破冰开路, 破冰前进 收起更多词典展开更多词典

我..知..道 加..我..私..聊

1.He is easy to get bored.他很容易觉得厌倦.2.He never gets bored in classes.他上课时从不感觉无聊.希望能帮到你!

I think basketball is more boring than football.

The story is boring.People often get bored.The news is exciting.I am excited to hear the imformation.This book is interesting.I am interested in sports.The most dangerous thing is to play soccer on the road.Today I am busier than yesterday.


quiet:英 ['kwat]美 ['kwat] n. 安静;和平 例句:I'd like a few hours of quiet after the day's work.一天工作下来我想有几小时的安静.

adj渐渐的;逐渐的;不陡峭的 The result is a gradual improvement in his patient.结果是他的病人在逐渐恢复.

I run to work every day. 2.It took me three hours to fly to Beijing. 3.I overslept in the morning. 4.I was late for school. 5.My friend was married,yesterday. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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