attach ~ to重视 with an air of~ 傲慢的

1.of course,it's important 2.honesty is one of our traditional manners,which we can't abandon it. 3.don't lie to anyone whatever we meet .try to remain ourselves that it is harmful for therelationship between friends and us,or the relationship between parents and us

the relative importance of the two ideas.state your reasons in order of importance.个人建议,仅供参考.

这是一个系表结构,即is是一个系动词,介词短语充当表语在英语当中,类似of great importance是一种常用结构,它相当于这个抽象名词的同源形容词,即of great importance=very importantis of great importance=is very important其他有很多,如use,benefit等.

1.the most important thing The most important thing is that we must work hard.最重要的事就是我们必须努力工作.2.a matter of prime importance It is a matter of prime importance.它是最重要的事.

1. 重视;认为……有重要意义2. 把……附上3. 参加;属于4. 依恋,喜欢,爱慕

be important等于be of importance

认为重要 Think Sth important Feel it important Find it important Sb thinks / finds/ feels/ believes/ considers that it is important .She thinks it important to learn English well attach importance to consider important be attached to attach importance

非常重要的 Something matters a lot to somebody Something means a lot to somebody.bears great significance be of crucial/key/desicive/great/extreme significance to somebody

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