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in favor o

be动词+in favor of somebody/doing sth 有利于;被喜爱的1.But not everyone is in favor of the phenomenon. 但是,不是所有的人都喜欢这样的现象.2.And perhaps the judge would rule in favor of me. 或许法官会就此做出有利于我的裁决.3.If anything, there will actually be an embarrassing margin in favor of theopposition in the runoff.如果有什么的话,决选实际上会出现令人尴尬的有利于反对派的差距.

favor of 有利于;赞成;支持;喜欢 in favor 有利于;被喜爱的 in favor of 有利于;支持;赞同 do me a favor 帮个忙好么;给我点面子 in your favor 以你方为受益人 有favor doing句型.i do not favor extending unemployment benefits.我不赞成延长失业救济的期间.

一in favor of 赞成(支持,有利于,较大) 例句与用法: 1. Sentiment in the town is now in favor of a cut in tax. 市民的情绪是赞成减税. 2. Public opinion was moving

你好!in favor of 赞成;支持 I am in favor of stopping work now. 我赞成现在停止工作.in favor of (开支票)付与 draw a check in favor of Warner 开一张向沃纳付款的支票 如有疑问,请追问.

in favor of 有利于;支持;赞同

这是一个介词短语,后面接名词一起作表语,定语,或者状语,所以可以相当于副词、形容词.例如:I am in favor of you.表语 The man in favor of you is a teacher.定语 I am here in favor of you.状语 亲:祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V!望采纳,thx!

n.好感; 宠爱; 关切; 欢心vt.支持; 赞成; 照顾; 促成[美国英语]= favour

是的 favour 英式拼写 favor 美式拼写

in favor of + n 或者 doing sth adj. : 赞成, 支持, 有利于 例子 :Are you in favor of his opinion? 你会赞成他的意见吗?希望对你有帮助 加油加油加油

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