比较级narrower 最高级narrowest


你好!clever than. the clevestmore simply than_the most simplymaturer than_the maturest如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

前三个是在词尾直接加 er 或者est ;polite要在其前加more或most.

比较级为:more carefully 最高级为:most carefully 亲,采纳嘛!等你哦!

fantastic more~most~clever cleverer cleveresthonest more~most~narrow narrower narrowestsoft softer softestfull fuller fullestnecessary more MOST~tidy tidier tidiestbad worse worstmessy messier messiestbored more~most~empty emptier emptiest

1 hotter hottest 2 busier busiest 3 farther farthest 4 more sincere the most sincere 5 less least 6 more most 7 shorter shortest 8 more commen the most commen 9 more narrow the most narrow 10 more clever the most clever

用carelessly造比较级的句子 carelessly 是介词,介词是没有比较级的啊!只有形容词 careless 才有比较级: least careless; more careless; the most careless.例句: lucy is the least careless pupil in the whole class. lily is the most careless pupil in

形容词比较级 最高级 more beautiful most beautiful healthier healthiest bigger biggest smaller smallest taller tallest more expensive most expensive thinner thinnest heavier heaviest hotter hottest more dangerous most dangerous 形容词比较等级形

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