中文释义:n. 销售;出售;拍卖;销售额;廉价出售 英文释义:1 [uncountable, countable] an act or the process of selling something regulations governing the sale of

主要是词性质不同,还是比较好区分的 sale, sell 1). sell: 动词,卖He sold the old bike to me. 他把旧自行车卖给我. 2). sale:名词,销售,大减价促销 The shoes shop is having a sale this week. 这家鞋店本周减价销售. 服装打折30%. They sell the clothes at a discount of 30%. Clothing sale are Real Mall. 30% discount. 希望可以帮到楼主,如果觉得好的话就选我为满意答案吧,多谢楼主了.

One plus One does equal Two After 6 weeks of telling Jeff I am pregnant the Doctor 6mos painting the smallest bedroom in our house we will have to re-paint it since

直营:direct sales 直营店 :direct-sale store 大区直营经理:Regional Direct Sales Manager

Do you know the man with beard and curly hair? He is one of the most popular stars in China. He is waiting for you in the Dumpling shop. I want a middle size cake. We are having big sales.

营业中: Open 就是be open for business的简写

pos机可以译作:a pos terminal POS用英语说应该是Point of sale (POS) 中文说明:销售终端-pos(point of sale)是一种多功能终端,把它安装在信用卡的特约商户和受理网

20用英语说就是twenty1-20的英语(基数词)写法:1、 one;2、 two;3、 three;4、 four;5 、five;6 、six;7 、seven;8 、eight;9 、nine;10、 ten;11、 eleven;12 、twelve;13、

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