person , personage 复数用 people

person , personage 复数用 people

person可以有复数形式persons,本身就是名词“人”的意思;它与people 的不同之处是:people的单数与复数形式都是people,而person是不同的.

personal:中文意思是:个人的 英文意思是:of or belonging to a particular person rather than a group or an organization 用法举例:one's personal affairs, beliefs 私事、 个人信仰 personnel:中文意思是:人员; 职员 英文意思是:people

形容词 personal 个人的;身体的 名词person 或者personage 要人;角色;名士 动词personate 扮演;伪装;冒充

1.what's his _personality__? --he's easygoing.2.That department sells goods for __personal__ use.3.Joe met us _personally___ at the airport yesterday.4.Do you know that _person___ at the gate?5.It'snot moral to read the _personal__ letter without permission.祝你学习进步,满意请采纳!

1.personal的名词是什么?person2.procedural的名词是什么?procedure 3.prospective的名词是什么?prospect 4.perform的名词是什么?performance 5.short-term的反义词组是什么?long-term

public 公共的 mean的名词就是mean 时态mean meant meant nation nationality love------hate(恨)

1.person2.personally3.personal4.person personality

personal 英 ['ps()n()l] 美 ['psnl]adj. 个人的;身体的;亲自的n. 人事消息栏;人称代名词希望你能采纳 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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