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take some shopping


go shopping

do some shopping的中文购物希望采纳,你的支持是我们的动力!


it takes somebody some time to do sth. 对some time提问用什么 how long does it take somebody to do sth ?

go shopping 在心里上还没“特定目标”,去逛逛“选购”一番;比如帮人买礼物之类的.纯逛街还常见“go window shopping” 例如:I'm going shopping at the supermarket.我打算去超级市场购物.do some shopping 有强调之意,大多数是已经确定要买些什么,经常用于去超市购物,比较有计划的老外甚至都开好购物单,理好了一些折价券出门的.It's time to do some shopping.是时候该购物啦!

英文:do some shopping 中文:买东西、购物 例句: 1、They can do some shopping there. 他们可以在那里购物. 2、Mother has gone out to do some shopping. 妈妈出去买东西了. 3、The next time you head out to the store or the mall to do some shopping,increase your walking pace by half your normal rate. 下一次当你要去大卖场购物的时候请尽量把车子停到离大门远点的地方,这样能增加你走路的长度.

go shopping表示: 去购物.do shopping&go shopping一个侧重做、一个侧重去吧比如可以说I do some shopping here.如果说I go shopping here.就不太合适 deliver letters

第二种表达是正确的.go shopping是固定词组,“去购物”的意思,另外说 go to shop也可以, go 是谓语动词,to shop表示自己的目的,是目的状语.个人观点,要么表达为:i am going shopping,要么是 i am going to shop.同上一道题一个道理,go 是短暂性动词,仍然用进行时表将来.【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为您解答!

1 .Would you like to go shopping with me?. 2 .Are you free tomorrow?, what is it? 3. I will call her and let her to take some bread. 4 .Do not forget to get t抚促幌讵呵存童担阔o school on time. 必对 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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