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try you

我只知道P!nk 的《Try 》,很好听.Where there is desire,there is gonna be a flame,Where there is a flame,someone's bound to get burned,But just because it burns,doesn't mean you're gonna die,You gotta get up,and try, try, try,喜欢欢迎采纳(*^__^*)

Millennium - Timetik tik tak the time has passing byand you can seethe second don't livetik tik taki wish i could go back in the other handi wish to like a manone two threeis on

Remedy(Radio Edit)- -Liittle Boots

promise you 答应你 例句 1.i promise you, you'll be involved in every step of the investigation. 我答应你,你可以参与调查你的每一步. 2.difficulties with children will surface if you try to break a promise you made. 若不履行对孩子的诺言,你与他们的矛盾将浮出水面. 3. i promise you, we have stock a few days later. 我保证,过几天就有货.

有时候,英语的翻译,不能完全扣某个动词本身、大家普遍的一般意思的.这里,try就是表示的 感受、尝试接受 的意思.所以,网上的翻译是比较恰当的我可以为你尝试:try for you

try your best意思是尽你最大的努力.try的英式读法是[tra];美式读法是[tra].作动词意思有试验;尝试;设法;努力;审判;考验.作名词意思有尝试;试验;(橄榄

基本正确,只是有一点点瑕疵,best在这里是形容词的最高级,它前面要加the.正确说法是:try to be the best.

Whenever'Wherever Shakira Lucky you were born that far away so We could both make fun of distance Lucky that I love a foreign land for The lucky fact of your existence Baby

你说的应该是有一段时间很流行e69da5e887aa3231313335323631343130323136353331333332613636的《I saw you》吧? 歌曲:i saw you walking in the rain 歌手:阿

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