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trydoingsth和try to do

try to do sth 指具体要做的事情,努力去做某事(还未做)try doing sth 指的是努力继续做某事(已经在做了)

try to do sth是尽力做某事,try doing sth是尝试做某事

估计你想问的是try to do sth和try doing sth.Try to do sth.:尽力去做某事.强调尽最大努力去做某事.try doing sth.:尝试去做某事.强调抱着试一试的态度.你可以根据上下文语境进行判断.

try doing sth仅仅表达尝试做某事,并不一定能成功try to do sth强调尽力做某事,一定可以做到

we spent part of the time in the museum.我们花了一部分时间在博物馆. Try drinking some water.试着喝点水.

1.一个半小时后 one and a half hours later 2.输了这场比赛 lose this game/match 3.死 11.竭尽全力跑到外面大街上 try one's best to run out to the street 12.掉下来 fall down | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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