被动语态的构成形式 被动语态的基本时态变化 被动语态通常为十种时态的被动形式, 被动语态由be+过去分词构成,be随时态的变化而变化. 以do为例,各种时态的被动语态形式为: 1) am/is/are +done (过去分词) 一般现在时 visitors are

1.a new coat is bought for me by my mather last week. 2.China's first television station was set up by the workers in 1958 3.the farmhands were made to work for him by the landlord day and night. whom were the letters written? 5.Whom was taken care of by you? 6.was the little boy laughed at by him?

被动语态的时态由被动结构“be+过去分词”中的动词be来体现,其基本结构和用法如下: (1)一般现在时的被动语态:am [is, are]+过去分词 english is taught in our school. 我们学校学英语. we are taken good care of at school. 我们在学校受

I am followed by a dog.She was told the news last nigh.I am asked to finish the job.I am expected to win.She is known by a book.They were hoped to arrive on time.You are required to finish your homework.You are needed by us.He is thought to be a teacher.He is considered to be our leader.

所有被动语态都是be +过去分词,时态的不同就是be 的变化.Q1.55.043.511

your watch must be cleaned once a year Must the exercises be done on my own? we have be warned to be careful of rats He has be given a job by us Give me five minutes, everthing ready will be get ready by us

1.The apple is colored red.2.I am made to wash the dishes.3.The football is ticked by Mary.4.Mary is told tobuy some apples.5.I am asked to help him do his homework.

1.The classroom should be cleaned by us every day.被动语态:be+done.(被)

The teacher made me go out of the classroom.--> I was made to go out of the classroom (by the teacher).We saw him play football on the playground.--> He was seen to play football on the playground.The

2.Now English is spoken by many people in the world.4.I am not allowed to stay up late on school nights.5.Most of the earth surface is covered with water.6.The road is covered with leaves.1和3你都写对了 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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