I am haiving a good time.We are having lunch in London.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:He is reading books.I am eating.You are swimming.We are palying.They are walking.

I am reading a story book.I am cooking the meal.I am doing my homework.I am eating a piece of cake.I am riding a bike.I am watching TV.I am sewing my trousers.I am playing basketball.I am waiting for him.I am singing a folk song I am walking to the cinema.

1 Going to leave the room, he felt much more relaxed .(因为leave是瞬间动词,所以不可以直接加ing). 2 looking at her dog, Sally said that it was too late. 3 Without knowing her address, we couldn't pay her a visit. 4 Sitting by the window, I watched TV and read a Magazine. 5 Without stopping to think, he died straight into the river.

代替主句的现在分词短语1. 如主语同时做出两个动作时,通常其中的一个动作可以由现在分词来表示,这时分词既可以放在动词不定式之前,也可以放在之后: He rode

现在分词例句:1. Going down the street , I met a friend. 我到市区时遇到一个朋友.2. Do you know the man carrying a large umbrella ? 你认识那个拿着一把大雨伞的人吗?3. He went out shutting the door behind him. 他出去后把门随手关上.过去分词例句:1. I got very exhausted,. 我感到精疲力尽.2. United, we stand; divided, we fail. 团结则存,分裂则亡.3. He had his arm broken. 他的手臂摔断了.

I am studying in my roomshe is walking in the park he is watching TVI am cooking lunchshe is talking to mehe is having lunchI am running she is playing volleyballhe is crying in the roomI am reading books

Having nothing to do, I wandered around.我无事可做,所以四处溜达.

1,having been warned against the earthquake, the villagers moved outside to see a film2. hadving finished hishomework, the little boy began to play internet games3. being

Walking is exercise. 做主语Looking out of the window(做状语), he saw a man passing.宾语补足语.Let's go shopping. 做宾语.He is reading a book. 可以认为是表语. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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