Dear parents, Thank you for your love and care. Every morning when i was still sleep in bed, Mum had appeared in the kitchen. Every time when i walked out of the school

Dear Mother : I thank my mother for me, raising me, teach me, let me in the knowledge of travel into schools. Thank goodness my mother. If this world without you, then I can

thank you for so many years of my education and training, ignorance of the past, i always jalan you angry, but now i grow up, self-reliance, and i feel that i should not be so

My dearest Mummy and Daddy Thank you very much for what you had given me, taught me,arranged for me,prepared for me,and those you had done on my behalf which I


Dearest Mother and Father, I thank you for all the things you did for me over these years, without you, I would still be a toddler that don't know how to respect my friends. Without

Exercise every day to keep healthy! Enjoy life every day and stay happy! My only hope for you is you both to enjoy continued health and happiness. You brought me into this word to share your life. I will do my best to make sure each day of it is filled with joy and pride.

A letter to my parents Dear Mom and Dad, I love you! I love you with all my heart! This I will exercise every day to keep fit. I will read English every morning and every night. I

So many days, so many years, so many times I want to show my thanks to you ,my dear great mom and dad.This is what I want to do. From my bottom of deep heart you are

亲爱的妈妈: 每当想起您,我内心就充满感动、感激和感恩,您给我的爱和关怀,让我一年四季都感到温暖和幸福. 在万物复苏、莺歌燕舞的春天,您不辞辛劳的带着我 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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