主语从句(Subject Clause) 定义:如果一个句子在复合句中充当一个主语,那么这个句子就是主语从句. 第一部分:常规主语从句,即句子在复合句中充当一个主语

It's strange that the door is open but nobody is in the room .

it's time that we begin our work.(it's time ..是“正是做什么的时间”的意思) it's important that this application is filled. it's said that Mike has been killed.(it's said是“据说.”的句型) it's working that we persuade him.(我们劝说他似乎正在起作用)这里要注意,不及务动词是没有被动态的,因此只能够用ing形势

一、主语从句定义:在句子中担当主语的是一个从句,这个从句就叫做主语从句.二、主语从句例句:1. What surprised me most was that the little girl could play the violin

主语从句,即在复合句中充当主语成分的句子.That he finished writing the composition in such a short time surprised us.他在很短的时间内写完作文让我们很惊讶.主语:he finished writing the composition in such a short time 谓语:surprised 宾语:us

主语从句 在复合句中充当主语的句子叫做主语从句. It is certain that he will win the match.Whom we must study for is a question of great importance

主语从句+表语从句:What you want to say is that we are about to talk about.That We talked about is what you want to say too.What he tells me is what I'm expecting for a

主语从句 1.主语从句主要有三类: (1) 由连词that引导的主语从句. 例如:That you will win the medal seems unlikely. 你想获得奖牌看起来是不可能的. That you are so

主语从句 what you said is ture 表语从句 the truth is that the earth is smaller than the moon. 宾语从句 i don't know whether he will come. 同位语从句 do you know the news that jay will come to hold a concert.

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