I did really bad in this monthly exam. I planned to have revision one or two days before exam. However I didn't expect there would be night classes now, and even three


Secondary junior middle school begins , I give lessons right away always going to bed. This bad trouble until also give up now. I sit in back previously , what the teacher fails to

太昊陵:Taihao mound或者是Taihao hill 社团:committee 锻炼:practice或者是exercise

I produced magnesium silicate gel inorganic mineral is magnesium-rich smectite and montmorillonite by the exploitation of special purification, modified, modified from

I believe that each one has a sitting university beautiful dream, I am no exception.About here, I have found that universities are colorful, and anyone can here at the university

heaven scorpion 11-05 09:12:08 heaven scorpion 11-05 after retirement 09:03:22 1. you can try to keep a pet, so you won't feel bored will take 2. many people on the scene

In short, students have a strong sense of curiosity, are very interested in new things. As the saying goes: interest is the best teacher, student learning English interest is to

1.the train he bought yesterday was much expensive than the car mother is as beautiful as before,but my father is much older 3.Yellow River and the Yangtze river is the

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