Unit 11. study for test 为了考试学习2. make flashcards 制作抽认卡3. make vocabulary 寻求帮助6. work with a group 小组合作7. learn English by watching English-language

1. Fire 解雇 You are fired!你被解雇了!2. Dismiss 常用作军队中的口号等 Dismissed!"解散"!3.Suspended 开除,除名.I heard she's suspended from school for doing drugs!我听说她因为阖药而被学校开除了!

新目标中考复习九年级英语全一册词组 Unit1 1.studybydoingsth.根据…来学习 2.endupdoingsth.结束做某事 3.some用于一般疑问句中, ①表示.真诚的邀请:

- 九年级上外研版英语知识点总汇一、加to do的,或是有to的,或与同类的进行比较.happen to do sth.碰巧干某事 why not do sth.(=why don't you do sth)为什么不干某事

1.this desk is behind the tree2.he is starting to study hard.3.why not do it by yourself.4.he paints the picture with his left hand.5.i like eat vegetables,such as apples,bananas,

Unit2我过去起床很晚.I used to get up late.我习惯于早起. I am used to getting up early.等一会儿 wait a minute你过去弹钢琴吗?Did you use to play the piano?我对学英语 of the lots of secrets used to afraid of 9.change one's idea

unit1 1 not at all --------------------一点也不 2 end up-------------------------最后 3 make 22 six-month English course---------------------六个月的英语课程 23 come and go ----------------

新目标九年级英语重要短语 Unit 1-4 I. 动词短语 terrified of 害怕……,恐惧…… on the …team 在……队里 good for 对……有益 proud of 对……感到骄傲

4 分钟前 freu989 | 一级1:protect sb/the environmet 保护某人/保护环境2:ten feet long 10公里远3:eight meter high 8米高4:be against doing 反对做某事5:meters tall 几米高6:in | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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