建议 [jiànyì] advice advise instance make suggestions propose suggest vote 汉英词典 建议 [jiàn yì] (提建议) propose;suggest;advise;recommend 我建议再试一次. I suggest trying once more. (提出的建议) proposal;suggestion;proposition;recommendation 合理化建议 rationalization proposal; 采纳建议 adopt a suggestion


建议(动词) suggest advise propose vote recommend 建议(名词) suggestion advice propose vote recommendation


"建议"有两个advice(不可数) suggestion(可数) 动词形式分别是:advise suggest

建议的英文:n. proposal;recommendation;advicevt. suggest;offer;advise英语单词:proposal:英 [pr'pz()l] 美 [pr'pozl] n. 提议,建议;求婚recommendation:英

Thank you for your advice!谢谢你提的建议 advice是名词

给出建议: give suggestions;give advice give suggestions

??如果是要翻译的话:the way to to learn the english language using english如果是要学习方法:read-- 你必须要勤劳阅读英文书籍(建议找喜欢的书籍--如harry potter,

建议做某事:advise sb to do sth suggest sb to do sth advocate sb of doing sth recommend sb to do sth propose sb to do sth | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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