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借助 的光线的英文短语


Reading time should have sufficient light

Line in the dark,Serve the light 行于黑暗,侍奉光明

他们给我提供光线充足安静的学习场所They give me a quiet place to learn.他们给我提供光线充足安静的学习场所They give me a quiet place to learn.

1.Thanks to your help ,I can arrive at the train station in time. 2.You'd better draw up an outline before you write a composition. 3.Have you ever had a test in the open air. 4.I am considering how to take note more quickly in the class.

强的光线Strong light弱的光线Weak light

1.When I knocked at the door ,what were you doing? 2.If he goes on doing like this ,he will lose his job. 3.His grandfather always walks a pet dog after supper. 4.You'd better not go out alone at night. 5.My mother did some washing at 8 o'clock yesterday evening.

你好!光:light ray naked束:bind bundle truss波: wave unexpected changes run射线:[物] radial [物] ray radiation希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

Unit 7 Would you mind turning down the music ?1. turn down (音量)放小,(光线)调暗 turn up (音量)放大,(光线)调亮 turn on 打开(开关、按钮) turn off 关(开

开灯的英文:turn on the light1、turn on 英 [t:n n] 美 [tn n] v. 打开;发动;取决于;使兴奋;攻击 短语 turn-on [电] 开启 ; 旋开 ; 开 Turn Me On Goddammit 片 ; | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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