My friend My best friend and I get along with each other quite well. But we are so 朋友 我和我最好的朋友相处的非常好,但是我们却各有不同.他比我更有趣,更外向,


My friendI have a lot of friends, but I have only a few good friends. One of them is my best friend. We are both twelve years old. He is fat and tall. He likes to eat oranges and

My Good Friend Zhang Ying is my good friend. She's in Class1, Grade4 of Tianjiao 张颖是最好的朋友.我喜欢与她一起玩.我们总是一起工作,互相帮助.

My Friend Xiaoxi is my best friend. She is thirteen. Her birthday is on March 10th. She lives in Haimen. She has five cousins but I have three cousins. Her father and mother

My friend is Sam.He is from England,and he can speak English,he also can speak a little Chinese.He is a funny boy,he likes talking stories to us ,everyone like his stories.He

My best firend.I have a beautiful girl friend.She English name is linda,and she has a 我们经常待在一块,经常一起吃饭.她是我最好的朋友

My best Friend XXX,my best friend,is my classmate. She has big eyes. Her long hair is often plained.Sweet smile is often on her face,which makes her more lively.XXX is very

帮你写一篇,条件我自编,你到时候看着改 My best friend I have a best friend.She is a beautiful girl,her name is Mary Green.And she lives in Toronto,so,she is from Canada.

I have a good friend. She is a pretty girl. She lives in Jiujiang. She is a middle school 她擅长英语.她喜欢说英语.她在学校总是在英语新闻报道.她说我们是好朋友.每 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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