强调句的结构是 It is/was +被强调部分+that+剩余部分 例句 It was at eight o'clock that I went to sleep yesterday. 要注意的是 强调句去掉It is/was 和that后 还是一个完整的句子

一般结构it is /was +被强调的部分+that+其他 对not until进行强调it was not until .+that +其他 强调句的特殊疑问句式 疑问词+is/was it that+其他

强调句型 不能强调谓语 he met her in the street yesterday 对主语强调 it was he that met her in the street yesterday 对宾语强调 it was her that he met in the street yesterday 对地点状语强调 it was in the street that he met her yesterday 对时间状语强调 it was yesterday that he met her in the street

1. 用助动词do来强调.例句:She did write to say thank you. 她的确写信向你道谢了.2. 用某些形容词来强调.如mere 仅仅的; very 极端的 ;outright 完全的 ;thorough

1. I think close to nature, breathe the fresh air is good for our health.2. Many students agree with this view: cell phone contact with parents and friends is easy.3. I think that the

it is the culture, rather than the language that made it difficult for him to adapt to he new environment abroad.这里rather than也可以简单地用not来代替,“而不是”的意思.希望你满意,谢谢!o(∩_∩)o~

强调句 - 常用句型1. 陈述句的强调句型 It is/ was + 被强调部分(通常是主语、宾语或状语)+ that/ who(当强调主语且主语指人)+ 其他部分.例子 It was yesterday that he

i wonder what it is that makes him so excited.分析:what itexcited宾语从句 可写为,it is what that makes him so excited 为强调句,且强调主语what

语法讲解:强调句 一、强调句句型 1. 陈述句的强调句型:It is/ was + 被强调部分(通常是主语、宾语或状语)+ that/ who(当强调主语且主语指人)+ 其他部分. e.g. It

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