能够 [词典] can; be able to; be capable of; in a position to; [例句]1、他能够说3种外国语.He can speak three foreign languages.2、我们已经能够将性和生育完全分开了.We have been able to divorce sex from reproduction. 3、我能够为你节省许多时间.I am in a position to save you a good deal of time.


能够 :to be able to to be capable ofcanwouldmay

岁的英文:year 音标:英 [j(r)] 美 [jr] year英 [j(r)] 美 [jr] 第三人称复数:years year 基本解释 名词:年; 年纪; 一年的期间; 某年级的学生 year 相关词组1.

你好!能够做某事 Be able to do something

能表示“快乐”的英语单词有:happy、joyful、cheerful、blithe、beatific.1、happy 英 ['hp] 美 ['hp] adj. 幸福的;高兴的;巧妙的 词组短语 happy new year 新年快

使某人能够做某事enable sb to do sthmake sb do sth都可以.

Able to bring.

表示能或者会,用can表示能,才能,用talent 表示能,能量,用energy

能can 的过去式 could 还有种说法是be able to ,过去式 was/were able to | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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