breakfast I like to eat milk. my mother eat bead and my father eat bead, too.lunch I like to eat rice and meat,sometimes I eat mother and father eat, too.supper we eat vegetables .我不知道你是几年级的所以用我最简单的答案回答,告诉我你是几年级的我好写啊上网搜的和他们肯定一样

My mother(或你的其他家人) often经常(usually通常 sometimes有时 always总是)for breakfast早餐(lunch午饭 dinner晚饭)

there are six people in my family, i, father, mother, sister, grandpa, grandma 我们家有6人,我、爸爸、妈妈、姐姐、爷爷、奶奶

What did you eat lunch today 今天你吃什么午饭

Linda:What do you eat for lunch?Jake:I like fish and beef best for lunch.Arena:Me,too. And mutton as well.Jeremy:Sometimes I have to eat some fresh vegetables and fruits as

my favourrite food--eggs i like many different kinds of food, egg is my favorite kind. and it's commonly found in almost any part of the can easily get eggs at any

what do they eat usually as their food in lunch.

My mother has a good eating habit,she has a glass of milk and an egg every day in the morning .For lunch,she usually eats a bowi of soup,vegetables,and abowl of rice.She

Breakfast 英 /'brekfst/“不艾克佛斯特”n. 早餐;早饭vi. 吃早餐 vt. 为…供应早餐 When do you have breakfast?. 你们什么时候吃早饭?.lunch 英 /ln(t)/“朗驰” n. 午餐vt. 吃午餐;供给午餐vi. 吃午餐;供给午餐 They like to eat their lunch together. 他们喜欢一起吃他们的午餐.supper 英 /'sp/“沙坡” n. 晚餐,晚饭;夜宵 What you often do(do) after supper? 你晚饭后经常做什么?

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