village 英 [vld] 美 [vld] n.村民;乡村,村庄;群落 词汇搭配:come to a village 来到一个村庄 destroy a village 毁坏一个村庄 discover a village 发现一个村

country .. 乡村音乐 就是 country music

乡村1. Country2. Village3. rural areas4. Blues

village rustic mofussil country (side) villagery 例句;我们喜欢乡村的平静. We enjoyed the quietness of the country.他感到在乡村生活比在城市更好. He finds country life preferable to that of living in the city.参考释义;乡村 [xiāng cūn]-village countryside rural area country 英国乡村在五、六月间景色最美.The English countryside looks its best in May and June.

乡村1. country2. village3. rural areas4. blues

country ['k?ntri,said] 名词 n.1.国家, 国土 The country is having a great boom in industry.这个国家的工业正蓬勃发展.2.郊外, 乡村 We're going to have a day in the country

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:乡村的英文是 countryside

市city 县town 乡village countryside place 村village rustic

农村类英语单词有哪些?country 名词:乡村 rural 形容词:农村的

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