dear mom and dad,thanksgiving is coming,i want to show my thanks to you.i promise,i will be your good daughter(女儿).i will study english,dad,i will do the best,you wait and see.thank you,mom and dad.happy thanksgiving,mom ang dad.

Dear dad and mum,you're so selfless that you always keep all good things for me.You're so diligent that you keep on working all day long in order to make a living.Thank you for giving my life.Thank you for your love.Please believe me.I will try my best,I want to see the smile in your eyes.I love you forever .

1、 It doesn't matter who my father was, it matters who I remember he was. Henry Ward Beecher 不养儿不知父母恩 5、The family you came from isn't as

you are my only mother ang father and you are my only love.thank you!

thank you for so many years of my education and training, ignorance of the past, i always jalan you angry, but now i grow up, self-reliance, and i feel that i should not be so

dear father and mother: you took me to the world , and teached me how to be a good person.thank you so much at what you did for me.and happy thanks giving day! love daughter\son 亲爱的爸爸妈妈: 是你们带我来到了这个世界,也是你们教会我如何做人.为此很感谢你们,感恩节快乐! 爱你的:儿子、女儿 自己写的,应该没有错误,希望对你有帮助

Be Grateful to Our ParentsI consider my parents as the most important people in my life.This is not because they re wealthy or famous.Rather,what I value about most is the

My 最爱的 sister 你最可爱的 brother now 正式to you say:I love you then my wife!!!!

I consider my parents as the most important people in my life.This is not because they what I value about most is the care and love they show to me.我认为我的父母是我生命

I like my parents very much!Because they are very kind to me!Now I grow up , I want to I want to thank you again and again.Live with thankfulness Do you know Thanksgiving | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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