My Good Friend My good friend is Mei. She's a girl. She is my classmate. Mei is tall 翻译:我的好朋友 我的好朋友是梅.她是个女孩.她是我的同学. 美又高又瘦.

My Best Friend I have a best friend. Her name is Lucy. She is a kind person. If 我最好的朋友 我有一个好朋友.她的名字叫做露丝.她是一个善良的人.抄如果有人需要帮

在学校我有一个朋友.她是个女孩,她叫王旭,她1 3岁.我也13岁.我们在同一个班.她英语比我学得好,因此她经常帮我学英语.我也帮助她学习. 我们是好朋友. I

My best friend is XXX. He is of medium height. He has black short hair. He also has 我最好的朋友是XXX.他中等身高.他有黑色短发.他也有大眼睛和一张圆脸.他中等

My best best friend is XX,he is tall and good-looking.he works hard in 我最好的朋友是我的同学Jack.自从我们入了同一个班级我们就成为好朋友了.Jack是个非

Hello,everyone, my name is xxx,I"m xx years old,I"m a very lovely and preety girl.and "m very friendly,so I have many many friends.If you want to make friend with me

My friends call ChenJianZheng!Our customers!He is thin, an optimist, but, if he is annoyed, but you are!We know from a grade, it has been five years!The five of you, I and you had many interesting, happy, sad,!Here, I want to say thank you!!!!!!!!!!

my best friend 我最好的朋友 my best friend is one of myclassmates. her name ismary. every day, we go to school together and go back home together. we often help each

I have many friends, and one of them is Lily. She is one of my best friends. She lives because we want to make progress together. I am happy to have such a good friend.

My Friend I have a best friend in my eleventeen-year study life.She make me 我的朋友 我有一个最好的朋友在我eleventeen-year求学生活.她让我明白的意思“真正的朋 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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