I am. very disappointed with what he has done

Feel despair about it. 对它感到绝望

我对你很失望的英文:I'm very disappointed with you.一、disappointed 英 [dspntd] 美 [dspntd] adj.失望的;沮丧的,失意的 v.使(人)失望

i'm so disappointed这两句中文 都能用这个英文表达.

我觉得这句话的翻译是:you disappoint me.

I feel(am) very disappointed in you. 注意介词是in

1.i am delighted at hearing the news that you were sucessful 2.this book is of great use 3.there is something wrong with my bike, can i borrow yours ? 4.we have not heard from john for one month 5.this town is famous for its beautiful buildings


disappointed [dispintid] adj. 失望的 We were disappointed. 我们失望了. He was disappointed at the result. 他对这样的结果感到失望. I was completely disappointed to hear that. 听到那个消息后我彻底失望了. We were disappointed that they could not learn the lesson of history. 他们没能吸取历史的教训, 使我们感到很失望.

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